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Giant GiraffeIn the eyes and minds of most children bigger is better when it comes to stuffed toys. Most adults can look back and remember coveting ‘life-sized’ animals in large stuffed plush. Some of us will also remember the deep and unrivalled thrilling anticipation of possibly winning some massive larger-than-life tiger, or lion, or bear (Oh my!) at the fairground. Of course, you quickly found out that you have to win a dozen miniature knick-knacks first, and then when you did finally get your ice cream covered hands on that much-coveted giant panda you discovered it was stuffed with a decidedly un-cuddly variety of sawdust.

Well, things have gotten a whole lot better for today’s kids! Melissa & Doug, a popular and highly respected manufacturer of toys has chosen to provide the latest generation of menagerie-minded kids with some sturdy but huggable jumbo-sized stuffed animals. Here’s a round-up of the most popular plus-sized stuffed plush from Melissa & Doug.

Large Stuffed Plush - Giant GiraffeGiant Giraffe

This life-like 57” cuddly plush giraffe is sturdy enough to stand on its own but is also very soft and huggable with long, adorable eyelashes. Bring a fun safari spirit to any child’s nursery. This plush toy giraffe is sure to become a favorite friend!
The downside: The manufacturers advise against climbing on the giraffe, but you know most kids will want to get up there. Please exercise caution.

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Large Stuffed Plush - Siberian TigerSiberian Tiger

This cuddly kitten is 67” long and with it’s life-like details is sure to be the pride of the nursery. Kids love to climb all over it and some have even used this toy as an over-sized pillow!
The downside: With heavy use this big tabby can start to show signs of wear. Other animals in this particular collection of stuffed toys have a better reputation for durability, consider them first – unless the kid’s crazy about tigers.

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Large Stuffed Plush - Large Plush ZebraLarge Plush Zebra

At nearly three feet tall and over three feet long this lovable stuffed zebra is a hit with kids the world over! Sturdy yet soft and life-like, the Melissa & Doug Jumbo plush zebra is a fun and affordable gift that will become a favorite toy for boys and girls of all ages!

The downside: As sturdy as this zebra is it’s not designed to be climbed on and will tip over easily. Please make sure children exercise reasonable caution when playing with this toy.

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Large Stuffed Plush - Giant CheetahGiant Cheetah

This charming cheetah is over four feet from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail and promises to be a fun and loyal companion for any lucky kid. Elegantly designed with realistic markings this jumbo friendly feline is sure to be a hugely popular gift!

The downside: This cheetah’s going to be such a hit they’re going to want the tiger too! And the zebra… and the giraffe… and the elephant… and… Well, just as well they’re all so affordable!

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While these are the most popular of the Melissa & Doug Large Stuffed Plush Animal Collection there are many more animals and brands to choose from in toy stores online. You’ll find the best prices for large stuffed toys here:

And, of course, if you really want to spoil some lucky kids rotten, consider buying them the whole zoo!

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