Christmas 2011 – Educational Gifts for kids to consider (includes videos)

Educational toys are great gifts for toddlers. This type of gift is a toy plus a learning tool for every child. Educational gifts for kids are toys that are geared towards teaching a child everyday life skills. These types of toys are very colorful, and tend to keep the child’s attention and peaks the child’s curiosity.

If you are looking for educational gifts for kids, Hasbro has a wonderful little book by the name of My Little Pony and this book is a simple “Look and Find” book. This is a book that does not require reading but it does require the child to search through the book and match items.

Mattel carries a music station created by Fisher-Price for babies and toddlers to learn music. This type of toy would be great educational gifts for children who like music. It is a piano with colorful keys or animals to push or pull or move along with the sounds or pictures on the television. This toy connects to your television. There are two levels. The first level of learning is for babies as young as nine months and the second level is for babies 18 months and older. This learning and educational toy has animation and songs and it shows the child the directions in a fun way so the child can have an enjoyable learning experience.

LeapFrog has wonderful Tag-Learn to Read Package. These are educational gifts for kids, ages four to eight years old. This package teaches a child the fundamentals of reading in 12 different books. This particular learning game has a device the child can hold in his or her hand and point it at anything on the page and the story comes alive for the child. By the child interacting with the story in this manner this tends to keep the child intrigued about the story and the child learns to read while using the tag reader device. This Tag reader device sounds out words for the child and tells the child what letter goes with each sound and how they come together as words. LeapFrog website has a place a parent can create a free account so that you can keep up with the progress of your child.

Vetech for kids is a wonderful place to get a learning laptop for children interested in working on a laptop or computer. Vetech for kids has the educational gifts for kids you will want, a laptop by the name of Lightning McQueen Learning Laptop. This type of learning toy is best suited for ages four to seven years old. This laptop has several activities such as teaching letters, how letters form words, basic math, and logic. The laptop has a QWERTY keyboard; the mouse is shaped like a tire and has three Cars character buttons. This is one of many, wonderful learning toys that Vetech has on their website.

Why educational gifts for kids you may ask? Most people choose educational gifts for kids because it helps a child learn. Educational gifts for kids also are a gift that keeps on giving as the child matures. Educational gifts for kids will give children a head start in life by teaching them his or her basics they will need when they are old enough to enter pre-school.

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