Yomega Xodus II from Yomega Corp.

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  • 5 bonus strings included
  • Yomega Mania DVD included
  • Fun for all ages
  • Durable versatile design
  • Wing shaped, rubber rims ball bearing yo-yo
  • Brand Name: Yomega
  • Color: Clear
  • Features: THE YOMEGA XODUS II: A responsive ball bearing Yo-Yo, features rubber rims and wing shaped body design.
  • Feature (1): COLORFUL RUBBER RIMS: Over-sized diameter for unique play, better grip and added durability
  • Feature (2): STRING TRICKS: Super long spin times help develop your yoyo skills. Rock-the-baby and walk the dog, in no time!
  • Feature (3): XODUS II ANATOMY: Roller Bearing Size: 5x10x4mm, Weight: 76-86 grams, Width/Diameter: 41/67mm, Gap Width: 3mm, Modular Design Makes it Easy to Unscrew Halves to Untangle string or Lubricate Axle.
  • Manufacturer: Yomega Corp.
  • Manufacturer Max Age: 240 months
  • Manufacturer Min Age: 96 months
  • Warranty: N
  • Hazardous Material Type: Unknown