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V-Cube 7 Multicolor developed by V-Cube

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Our store is currently carrying the well-liked V-Cube 7 Multicolor at a good total price. Do not miss the opportunity - obtain the V-Cube 7 Multicolor here right now!

Now offered for a limited time only V-Cube 7 Multicolor at Cool Gifts for Kids Store. This unique promotion will not remain forever. This is your opportunity to buy this incredible gift for children at an awesome price tag.

With so many ready to deliver today, it is good to have a name you can appreciate. The V-Cube 7 Multicolor is certainly that and will be a superb acquisition for young ones of any gender.

For this special offer, the V-Cube 7 Multicolor is uniquely respected and is without any doubt a popular choice between all people. V-Cube has inserted some cool touches and this means incredible enjoyment.

Don't lose this great opportunity to amaze those you care for with a gift they will forever cherish. Buying for your toddlers can be stressful, but our store only offers you the highest rated in young ones gifts, so you can be sure V-Cube 7 Multicolor is precisely that.

Developer Info:

In this website, we only sell the best gift ideas for young ones from top rated businesses. As a consequence V-Cube 7 Multicolor from V-Cube is showcased here and is prominently featured across our gifts store. V-Cube must be considered as a top businesses to buy cool gifts for young ones.

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If you contemplate the product details, and other possible gifts ideas, this is without a doubt a must have before we run out of stock. Not only will your young ones be excited with an excellent gift but they will adore you for it, considering this is a gift they definitely need.

  • The V-CUBE 7 will challenge and improve your intellectual abilities
  • Sophisticated techniques, in order to solve this masterpiece
  • The V-CUBE 7 consists of 218 small pieces - called cubies
  • The possible number of permutations of the V-CUBE 7 is 1.95*10^160
  • The player is required to discover a strategy to achieve uniform colored sides on her/ his V-CUBE 7
  • The solid-cross that supports them, enabling them to rotate independently on based axes
  • You will need to discover intelligent strategies, tricky combinations
  • Brand Name: V-Cube
  • Features: The V-CUBE 7 is the 7x7x7 member of the V-CUBE family with a difficulty rating of 4 out of 5
  • Feature (1): The first cube of this size, measures 3.27"x3.27"x3.27", weighs 320g
  • Feature (2): Sophisticated solvers will love this challenging smooth rotation cube
  • Feature (3): Unique "pillow" design, colorful and durable
  • Feature (4): Safe for ages 3 and up
  • Manufacturer: V-Cube
  • Manufacturer Max Age: 720 months
  • Manufacturer Min Age: 60 months
  • Warranty: 90 days

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