Uno Card Game by Mattel

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  • America's #1 Brand of Family Game
  • See why this color coded card game is such a popular brand of family Game
  • Be the first player or team to score 500 points
  • Points are scored by being the first to rid yourself of all the cards in your hand before your opponents
  • Brand Name: UNO
  • Color: Multi
  • Features: UNO ! The classic card game of matching colors and numbers
  • Feature (1): Players take turns matching one of their cards with the color or number card shown on the top of the deck
  • Feature (2): Write your own rules for game play with the Wild Customizable cards
  • Feature (3): Score points by being the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand
  • Feature (4): First player or team to 500 wins
  • Manufacturer: Mattel
  • Manufacturer Max Age: 960 months
  • Manufacturer Min Age: 84 months
  • Legal Disclaimer: classic
  • Warranty: No warranty