Shopkins Shoppies Gemma Stone Doll by Moose Toys

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  • Gemma Stone comes with: 1 doll, 1 doll stand, 1 purse, 4 exclusive Shopkins, 1 VIP cardGemma is packed with 4 exclusive Shopkins known as the Gleam Team
  • Brand Name: Moose
  • Color: Multi-colored
  • Features: Gemma stone truly is one of a kind
  • Feature (1): Natural beauty
  • Feature (2): Polishing her pearls
  • Manufacturer: Moose
  • Manufacturer Max Age: 840 months
  • Manufacturer Min Age: 60 months
  • Legal Disclaimer: Must be 18 to buy
  • Warranty: 1
  • Genre: Dolls