Set Of 72 Chicks Plastic Easter Eggs Assorted Colors by FX

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  • Cute Chick Themed Easter Eggs
  • 72 eggs per sale
  • Measures approx. 2.25 inch per egg.
  • Great for Easter Egg Hunts or Easter Decor.
  • Brand Name: Fun Express
  • Color: Yellow
  • Features: INVITE SOME FUZZY FRIENDS TO THIS YEAR'S EASTER EGG HUNT: Don't settle for the same boring Easter Eggs year after year. Add some style and elegance to your Easter celebrations with this set of gorgeous, high-quality Easter Eggs featuring adorable Easter chick designs! Each egg is made from sturdy and flexible plastic, making them perfect for repeated use. Just snap the halves together tightly, and they're sure to protect all the treasures hidden inside!
  • Feature (1): THESE SECRET DELIGHTS ARE THE PERFECT SIZE FOR HIDING TREATS AND TOYS: Measuring an adorable 2.25 inches, these eggs are small enough to tuck into secret hiding places but large enough to accommodate plenty of goodies. Stuff them full of candy and chocolates, toy cars, novelty erasers, homemade goodies, or even money for a creative Easter surprise! Everyone will love hunting for these beautiful Easter themed toys and discovering the treats inside.
  • Feature (2): SPRINGTIME COLORS WITH AN ADORABLE ANIMAL TWIST: Perfect as decorations or hours of hide-and-seek fun! Beautiful pastel colors make the perfect addition to your existing Easter decorations and our cute Easter chick prints make them stand out from the rest of the flock. Tuck them into a flower arrangement, add them to a dinner centerpiece, or use them bring some extra cheer to your Easter home decor!
  • Feature (3): THESE REUSABLE EGGS MAKE FUN AND UNIQUE PARTY FAVORS: Measuring a spacious 3 inches, these medium sized eggs are small enough to hide around the yard yet large enough to conceal all your favorite candies and toys! Fill them with treats to entertain your guests, hand out as holiday party favors, or tuck them into flower arrangements and table settings for a fun twist on traditional decor.
  • Feature (4): BE SURE TO GRAB YOURS BEFORE THEY RUN OUT: We do our best to keep these cute Chick Easter Eggs on hand, but we cannot guarantee that they will always be fully stocked. Get yours today before they're all snatched up!
  • Manufacturer: Assortmart