MindWare Logic Links: Level D from MindWare

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  • Logic Links builds deductive reasoning and sequencing skills
  • Use the 48 chips to visually organize the solutions
  • 100 puzzles
  • Solutions included
  • Hands on squencing Practice
  • Brand Name: MindWare
  • Features: TOYS THAT TEACH: Logic Links are part of MindWare's growing family of logic problem books specifically designed to promote and refine the skills needed to be a logical thinker. Each Logic Link puzzle is comprised of a series of clues that instruct the user where to place colored chips and solve the puzzle. Logic Links requires you to think sideways, backwards, right to left and up and down as you read the clues that lead you to the correct answer.
  • Feature (1): UNIQUE DESIGN: Logic Links is a self-contained all in one activity book. MindWare's Chip Cover is a unique and exclusive design that includes the 48 chips you'll need to solve the puzzles in this book. Simply open the extra back cover, pop out the brightly colored chips, open the book to the puzzles and let the logic loose. Before you know it, your mind will be running marathons to win the race of logic!
  • Feature (2): CHALLENGING PUZZLES: As students progress through the levels, each Logic Links puzzle book increases in difficulty. Designed for grades 7-12, Logic Links: Level D is the final level of challenge and provides older students with high-level problems that are sure to engage and challenge.
  • Feature (3): INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP USE: These analogy puzzles present a great exercise for entire classrooms or single students alike. They even give students an opportunity to sharpen their skills while away from school, be it summer vacation just an after school weekday.
  • Feature (4): INCLUDES: Package includes (1) Logic Links: Level D book with 100 puzzles.
  • Manufacturer: MindWare
  • Manufacturer Max Age: 144 months
  • Manufacturer Min Age: 132 months
  • Genre: Educational