Elenco Soldering Station (40W Iron) created by Elenco

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  • Comes Complete w/ a 40 Watt Soldering Iron
  • Provides Variable Heat 5 Watts to 40 Watts
  • For General Soldering Requirements
  • INCLUDES the SR6 deluxe soldering iron which uses the TIPK1 (6 pack) tips
  • Brand Name: Elenco
  • Features: The perfect soldering station for the Do-It-Yourselfer, student or hobbyist
  • Feature (1): Electronically controlled soldering iron providing variable power - 5 watts to 40 watts
  • Feature (2): Station includes a holder funnel to safely rest your hot soldering iron
  • Feature (3): Sponge pad and sponge pad nest for cleaning your solder tip
  • Feature (4): Elenco test equipment is reliable and affordable. Elenco supplies Universities and High Schools with quality educational kits, tools and materials
  • Manufacturer: Elenco Electronics Inc
  • Manufacturer Max Age: 192 months
  • Manufacturer Min Age: 144 months
  • Warranty: Guaranteed against manufacturer defects