Elenco Electronics Snap Circuits Snaptricity by Elenco Electronics Inc

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  • Build over 75 projects
  • Projects relate to electricity and magnetism and how they are used in the home
  • Includes: meter, electromagnet, motor, lamps, switches, fan, compass, and electrodes
  • Includes 40+ parts
  • From Elenco Electronics, the same company that brought you snap Circuits
  • Brand Name: Snap Circuits
  • Color: multi/none
  • Features: BEGIN your Snap Circuit experience with a wonderful introduction to problem solving, following directions, and the satisfaction of a job well done
  • Feature (1): EASY-to-FOLLOW color manual diagrammed instructions
  • Feature (2): INCLUDED 40 parts build over 75 projects
  • Feature (3): ONE of the AWARD WINNING Snap Circuit line of electronic exploration kits
  • Feature (4): SNAP CIRCUITS and ELECTRONICS EXPLORATION KIT are registered trademarks of Elenco Electronics, Inc.
  • Manufacturer: Elenco Electronics Inc
  • Manufacturer Max Age: 180 months
  • Manufacturer Min Age: 96 months
  • Feature (5): Snap Circuits are the only educational circuit-building toys that use CircuitSafe Fuse Technology, a patented safety device unique to Snap Circuits brand products.
  • Warranty: Warranted for defects in workmanship and materials.