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20 Questions by University Games

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Our store is currently carrying the acclaimed 20 Questions for a wonderful selling price. Don't miss it - get the 20 Questions online instantly!

Now offered for a constrained time only 20 Questions at Cool Gifts for Kids Store. This particular offer will not be online always. This is your best moment to acquire this wonderful present for little ones at an amazing price tag.

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Developer Information:

In this website, we only feature the greatest gift ideas for little ones from biggest brands. For this reason 20 Questions from University Games is presented here and is effectively advertised across our shop. University Games must be great option from brands to research cool presents for little ones.

If the review is not favorable, also consider this: 20 Questions by University Games is a highly demanded reward idea from little ones, we acknowledge this because this is the market we sell. Many other toys from University Games are scaling up fast in our Best Sellers, so that is also a proof of popularity, we know little ones beg for it.

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  • Play the classic game of people, places and things! Originally released in 1987, 20 Questions has been updated with all new content.
  • University Games has been creating educational board games designed so that players won't notice how much they are learning!
  • University Games was founded by Bob Moog and Cris Lehman recognized a developing niche in social interaction and learning games for adults and children
  • Be the first to identify the mystery topics to win. On each turn, one player is the clue giver and the other players try to uncover the secret identity.
  • Each clue that's read reveals more hints and the trick is to guess the mystery topic in the fewest number of clues.
  • Brand Name: University Games
  • Color: None
  • Features: Play the classic game of people, places and things, with 20 Questions from University Games
  • Feature (1): Updated in with all-new questions in board game format
  • Feature (2): The fewer clues you need to guess the answer, the closer you are to being the winner
  • Feature (3): Fun for 2 or more players; comes with game board, question cards and markers
  • Feature (4): University Games offers you and your family creative games that are easy to learn and fun to play
  • Manufacturer: University Games
  • Manufacturer Max Age: 1000 months
  • Manufacturer Min Age: 36 months
  • Legal Disclaimer: Brand new in the box.
  • Genre: mystery

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